LifeGate Board – dishonest and wrong

The message that Jason has missed board meetings for a number of months and is therefore justifiably removed from the church board, is a wrong one.

The leaders know it is a misleading message and it is dishonest for them to use it. It is bad faith approach to leadership. Or simply incompetent.

Jason missed meetings because he had a specific injury (not general health issues) and because of probity reasons. That stretched over a period which included 2-3 months of summer holidays where people were away and travelling. To use the overall period in the message without detailing the particulars is misleading and dishonest. It is mischievous.

Even if that is to be a bona fide basis for their misconceived action, the leaders ought to have given Jason notice that they were going down that path. To deny him natural justice is not just illegal and subject to challenge under the law of this land, it is also downright unbecoming of church leaders.

When will they start to act correctly and honourably?

Again, after all that Jason has done for this church, is this how he should be treated. Hang in shame.