Hush now?

I’ve fielded calls, and received emails. They all wanted to know what happened to Jason. I said to go ask their leaders. That was the whole point of my emails anyway. Some have said they wanted to be heard in the AGM. I said that was up to them. Some asked if I was going to the AGM. I said I wasn’t going anywhere near a group who does such a thing to someone who has been as selfless and sacrificial as Jason. I would have nothing to do with them from hereonin. But they said I should be at the AGM to bring these matters up. On balance, the greater need is for me dissociate myself from this mob.

Some others have tried pot shots. Anonymous stuff. I’m guessing these are from that church because that’s what they like. Secret ballots and the likes. That’s the sort of things they like. Keep it all behind closed doors. Especially when they’ve just executed one of their own. One who has given much to set up what they now have. I wonder who pulled the trigger here. I was saying to someone I was simply asking what’s that smell. I wasn’t the one responsible for the rubbish. But no shot messenger would be the last, such is life. Anonymous stuff goes straight into the bin. Martin Luther King said a riot is the voice of the unheard. Keep it all behind closed doors but the stench may eventually come out. Better have a story ready then.