My Joy Davidman? Snigger…

Moving past the account of Lewis’ wife’s death, I’m telling myself A Grief Observed is a book I do really want to re-read. I have marked it down for later – maybe after this and another which I have just picked up a little more than a week ago.

Maybe LifeGate church is my Joy Gresham/Davidman. Yeah, probably laughable but I am often prone to make comparisons or use analogies to help me understand or picture events and experiences. I certainly felt, sometimes,  as though there’s a “battering ram crashing into the gates of my castle of faith” as a result of my experience in the last 12 months.

As in most analogies, that was probably severely short. I think I will see if I can elevate A Grief Observed up my reading list. The only downside is it is a hard copy – a yellowing one probably also around 20 years old – and I have fallen heel over head in love with my kindle in recent years so picking up an old copy of a very small font typeface version (if my memory serves me right) will be a very big challenge. Maybe a kindle version is worth the investment.


2 thoughts on “My Joy Davidman? Snigger…

  1. It is a wonderful book even though I am a avid C.S. Lewis fan and enjoy all of his books. I’ve read the book twice. After the deaths of each of my two husbands. No matter what anyone has said of Joy Davidman, she certainly changed his life in a positive way. In A Grief Observed, C.S. Lewis seemed more open and human than he had in the past. Joy definitely shattered his illusions about himself and his faith.


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