Weekend without God

Kiddo was back on Anzac Day and would return to Canberra today. So the weekend has been great – the sort where the house becomes much more alive, not least because the little black jedi gets excited and trots around with more verve.

We went to a mate’s son’s 21st on Sat night. It has been such a long time since I went anywhere where alcohol was the raison d’etre for the establishment. A room, a bar and some music. That was all the establishment offered. The host and Tress brought some finger food and that was the extent of food matter for the alcohol to burn through for the whole night. Australia/Melbourne has an alcohol issue? I wonder why anyone would say that…

We got home close to midnight, I stayed up to watch the Wigan v Spurs match and then slept in the next day. Kiddo had a big night and so also slept in and that meant it was a convenient day to not think about church. It felt wrong all day, I felt I was on a path I shouldnt be on, but I have so little strength or will to look for a church to settle into at this stage.

And so we had a late breakfast, then dropped Kiddo off for a lunch appointment she had with some old friends and Tress and I then went shopping for groceries. The little black jedi’s food had run out, my coffee beans had run out, and several other stuff were on the low side. It has been so long since we went to The Glen shopping centre but since kiddo’s lunch appointment was in that area we shopped there. We had to work hard to recall which part of the parking lot was closest to the stores we were going to shop in.

We got home and I took the little fellow for a longish walk, watched some local soccer games, and just took in the cool pleasant weather generally. When I got home, Kiddo was home and we spent the rest of the evejning ust talking and watching television. I cooked dinner – baked fish – and we ate in front of the television. We went to bed early because I have a long day at work today.

Yesterday was a day I will rue if I had time, because it was a day I took no effort whatsoever to take myself and the family to honour the Lord. I know I am on the wrong path but I have so little strength and will to do any different.