Uncouthie Toothy Anzac

I had a horrible tooth ache day on Wednesday, which a wonderful evening with some old friends did a lot to soothe. Unfortunately the menu was a steamboat dinner and although the food was absolutely inviting and sumptuous, I was restrained – I had to be. Other than keeping food away from the throbbing site, the alternating temperatures between hot soup and cool wine also did not help so I had to be restrained on that front as well. I think I did a magnificent job of hiding that however, mainly by doing a lot of serving…

That toothache didn’t really go away all night and I got up early yesterday morning and made coffee, caught up on a pile of mail sitting on the kitchen bench-top and just sat, sipped and sifted to enjoy a quiet morning. Tress had not been well so I let her sleep in.

We eventually got round to breakfast, then went about our planned chores of bathing the little black jedi (my job) and some quick vacuuming (hers). Madam Kwong was next and then it was to some grocery shopping and in the arvo I cleaned the Weber Q, which had caught fat fire a couple of weekends ago.

I later slumped onto a beanbag and enjoyed the Essendon v Collingwood match before driving to Tulla to pick kiddo up. We got home just after 7pm, had dinner (beautiful Bah Kut Teh which Tress did) and then went to bed early.

This morning didn’t start well – the train couldn’t do the usual City Loop and went into Flinders Street. No trains from Richmond were doing the “Loop” so to get to the Parliament stop which would have been 2 minutes from Richmond, I had to get off at Flinders, walked out of the station and re-enter to get onto the right platform for the Hurstbridge line and did the whole “Loop” the other way, where Parliament was the last stop. I ended up being close to 30mins late…thankfully it’s just one working day before the weekend kicks in again.

I’ve also kind of discarded the process of looking up church websites to ascertain which one to get to each weekend. I think Tress may want to go get to the Bridge again. I don’t really care for that but what am I do to? Maybe I’d plead a bad tooth again, and stay home…