Mixed Fortunes

2 Malaysian businessmen, 2 vastly different fortunes from investments in a same class of assets.

Tony Fernandes and his Queen Park Rangers appear to be heading down from the English Premier League to the English First Division whereas Vincent Tan‘s Cardiff City has just secured promotion from the First Division up to the Premier League.

Serbegeth Singh – aka Shebby – is another Malaysian with a finger in the English footy scene but as a “Global Advisor” of the unfortunate Venky’s investment in Blackburn Football Club. My beloved Henning Berg has been a victim of this headless chicken of an organisation – the once mighty English champion with the likes of Kenny Dalglish and Alan Shearer now languish as a pathetic joke.

Malaysians have been involved in one way or another in the English footy scene for years.  Few would remember how bookies arranged for a match to be abandoned by mucking up the lights on the ground.

A very different take on Alex Ferguson’s “Football… bloody hell” I guess…