Boston Marathon – Another Reminder

Sometimes we whinge about things like long airport queues, over-reaching government snooping and other measures which make everyday activities more painful than “it need be”.

The attacks at the Boston Marathon this morning remind us terrorism is real – alive and well. Osama may be dead, Arab Spring may have happened, Afghanistan may be seeing western troops leaving but terrorism appears not to have abated.

Reminder to self: those “interferences” at airports, tax forms, security questions etc are necessary. Otherwise, this happens.


Different Games, both Great Outcomes

Wins for Man United and Hawthorn – made me smile for a little while. Especially since Tress and I were at the G for that great turnaround to thrash the Pies.

I thought I was helping a mate out in getting to Bridge again yesterday morning, but it helped me in the end to be there. There was a young American pastor who preached and I said to my mate after, that he’d go very far – he was very good. Paul and Silas’ “escapade” in Acts 16 became a lesson to “stop – don’t harm yourself. We’re all here”, with all the nuances of our circumstances.

After lunch together, we went our separate ways and Tress and I headed into the city to catch the game.

We got to the G just after 2pm, walked the vast grounds towards our gate when we eventually settled into our seat way up somewhere, it wasn’t long before the players came out for their warm-up’s.

After a first half of slick and quick Pies movements saw us trailing and gasping, we came back strongly to thrash them by 50 points. Being in the G to watch Buddy Franklin kick that 80 metre belter was unbelievable. The Collingwood fans’ roar was pretty scary too and it really added to the experience. Great stuff. There were over 72,000 at the G – not the biggest crowd for sure but still a sizeable mass of people to deal with on our way home. We eventually got into a packed train at Richmond, and got home just before 7pm.

The United game was going to be on at 11pm but I can no longer deal with staying up that way. We went to bed at about 10pm after watching a first half of the Newcastle and Sunderland game, which was also a terrific match.

The first thing I did when the alarm went off at 5am this morning was to check the United game score – it sounded like a scrappy win but a win is 3 points in the kitty regardless of the way they were earned I guess. It was good to read of Shinji Kagawa‘s growing influence in the team, Rooney’s ongoing excellence as well as Van Persie’s breaking the goal drought but from the sound of it, it would be a challenge going into games involving Chelski and the Gunners.

I hope to grow old and expire in Melbourne, and not move to a country like the US and learn to watch the NFL or NBA. The EPL and AFL would do me fine for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine spending a weekend tracking 3 games in 3 different codes, hoping all of my teams would win…