Weekdays easier

Kiddo left on Monday and we (I) have just been motoring ahead mechanically the past few days. Last night I left early as we had an appointment with the Opposition Leader somewhere way down south. South Clayton isn’t a place we’ve been too a lot but last night Tress and I left work a touch early, got home around quarter to six and drove there to arrive just before 6.30pm for a multicultural dinner event organised by the Liberal Party. Tony Abbott was going to be the main speaker. We shared a table with a Liberal candidate for our constituency, Michael Sukkar, and met some other candidates. It was a very interesting evening and I think Tress enjoyed it too.

We got home just before 11pm, and as usual I couldn’t go to bed immediately so I turned on the tv with a little refreshment – the wine at the function wasn’t what I’d enjoy and certainly if I had to pay for it on top of having to pay for the event already. The Glen Livet single malt was very good. It was even better when I came across a channel which had a Cheers re-run just starting. It was the Shelly Long variety which was even better. It was so good to see the early stage of Woody Harrelson’s genius in flight. Frasier, Norm and Cliff were as funny as I remember them to be, as was the other short bartender – Carla I think, who is Danny DeVito’s real life wife I think. It was a good way to wind down before I eventually went to bed just before midnight.

A late night meant I skipped gym this morning. Also, I had an 8am meeting so it was a convenient day to skip gym.

My employer has had its head down for a while now – burrowing into the myriads of variables interplaying to sort out a happy place where shareholders comprising huge industry funds representing millions of employees, can be at peace with us as a major enabler and service provider, in ploughing in money to secure an IT system that works well.

I cannot imagine the complexities that go into a system which handles hundreds of thousands of employers all inputting data of millions of employees, and for the data and funds (as in money) to then go into the right funds, accounts, investments, insurance designs, benefits – and then to track and report as well as comply with the Amazonian body of superannuation laws.

That is why we have a whole section of people working in a separate building a couple of blocks away – analysts, programmers, all IT folks spread across half a dozen floors. I had to make my way there this morning, as I have countless times, to meet with a project manager to nut out yet another work statement for my Indian friends to sign off on.

This document is particularly important because it is a business end of sorts now and so many consultants are at hand to help plot the days ahead. Unimaginable amounts of money have gone into this work and the outlook isn’t any better. Chances are more dosh would be needed and relationships with shareholders will have to be delicately managed.

So all those stuff takes care of my day job. I still wake up at 5am most mornings, get to the gym, then into the office just before 8am, get coffee with the team at 10am, have lunch and walk around the block at 12.30pm, leave between 5 and 5.30pm, walk the little black furry friend at 6.30pm, have dinner at 7.30pm and then either read or watch the tele. Mon – Fri. Every week. Weekends I… better not start on that again.