Alister McGrath on CS Lewis… yum!

A couple of weeks ago while “shopping” for a book, I came across Alister McGrath‘s forthcoming new book on CS Lewis. My initial excitement was tampered when I tried to buy that book only to receive a response suggesting I had not read the blurp closely enough.

The book (C. S. Lewis- A Life: Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet) was only going to be available from 11 April 2013. The kindle version, that is. The hard copy has been available for a few months apparently, but I am happy to wait for the kindle version.

So I filled the gap with a couple of “junk food” – Gary Neville‘s “Red” and Grisham’s “The Racketeer” – while waiting for the main event to arrive.

Last night on the way home I sat on the train straining through a third time filler – the so far very ordinary Ben Winter’s “A Policeman:…” and wondered if McGrath’s feature piece was available. Sometimes the published date is meant for another part of the world and us antipodeans often have to wait a little longer.

To my surprise however it was available. By the time the train pulled at at Blackburn and I got to the car and drove up to a parking lot to wait for Tress to arrive, the book was sitting in my kindle. I didnt start reading however till this morning. The first 10+ pages on the train this morning have been glorious appetiser stuff. I’m realy looking forward to slowly savour this one.