Race Based Decision Making

“Need focused, not race focused”. Dallas nailed it right there.

We moved from Malaysia nearly 10 years ago mainly to get away from a regime where Government aid goes to race based causes. That is racist no matter how you frame it. Focus on needs and the aid will still largely go to the intended beneficiaries but you will then weed out rorting elements.

 Nothing should be done on the basis of race and anything done on such basis is racist.

See this article here, extracts as follows

some people said that because they had some Aboriginal ancestry, they had rights and needs that were different from other Australians. When it comes to government spending and efforts to close the gap, it causes major problems

the large increase in the self-identified Aboriginal-descent population of southern states over the most recent census period

does it make sense that any and all who identify as Aboriginal should be entitled to the same benefits because they have some Aboriginal heritage?

Should those who self-identify as Aboriginal be exempt from being questioned when they are the recipients of funds aimed at closing the gap?

When we see soaring rates of Aboriginal university graduates, is this an indicator of success if the graduates are not disadvantaged and are largely indistinguishable from most other non-Aboriginal Australians?