Surprise, and Change (?)

Kiddo’s back in Melbourne for a few days. She’s here with a few of her uni friends – all overseas students. 2 Singaporeans and 1 Ecuadorian. The Ecuadorian is the only Ecuadorian I have ever met. The only other one I know is Antonio Valencia – the right winger in Man Utd. I also saw once, on a Lonely Planet tv show, Ian Wright (i think) eating a whole deep fried guinea pig. We talked about that in passing last night, when we all sat down to dinner at the Old Kingdom in Surrey Hills.

They all enjoyed the Peking duck and the other stuff we ordered. I brought along my customary bottle of wine (still white but probably not much longer, with the cooling weather), which only a couple of them shared with me.

Having kiddo back is always great. Meeting up with lively, inquisitive, intelligent and participating young people is always invigorating. They wont be home much as they’d be travelling to various places in and around Melbourne but the house would feel more “lived in”. The little black jedi aka Scruffi would also enjoy the intrusion I’m sure. He loves company and last night he was super excited. Maybe it was having kiddo back but he was dashing about, darting here and there, eyes wide open and bright – all very cheery. Happy puppy… except he is no longer one. Just a very happy pooch.

I’m inclined to do something different on Sunday – just take a drive somewhere. Maybe out to the Yarra and seek out a market or vineyard. No more church for me. Maybe for now at least.