Join the crowd I guess…

I was told there was to be another one of those powwows’ last night. Also, missing the congregational life especially over the Easter weekend, made me think again about where to go this weekend. Tress suggested we should go to Edge again. We’ve not been there for what… 4 weeks now? These two events made me go on an early start this week, in looking for a church.

My quest for a new home continues. I have to say it has started to affect me in my walk with the Lord. Proceeding in this journey alone, has never been something I believe in. Yet, looking for a community to make the pilgrim has become a bit of a pain. I am starting to think maybe it is easier to just give up for a while – go do what many (most?) Aussies do on weekends and skip this church thing.

I’m inclined to say “thanks, Tham Fuan” one more time before ending this quest for now. I know this is down to my choosing from this point on. He has driven me out of my home, but he hasn’t caused – not directly anyway – this tiredness and frustration in looking for a new home. I no longer know what to look for and how to keep going.