Great Weekend. Not So Great Easter.

Vintage Car Merimbula

Tress and I were at Merimbula over the Easter weekend and only came back this arvo, We caught a vintage car show, but other than that we rested a lot. We read, walked around Lake Merimbula, slept, watched tv, made coffee in the unit we rented, and basically just rested.

On the way home we passed many cars who have obviously been camping. I said to Tress I couldn’t understand church leaders – chair even – who chose to go camping over the Easter weekend, especially when ¬†baptism will be carried out and it would do so much for the initiation of new members into the community of faith to have leaders of the community present and lending support. Instead, the focus on upholding the Aussie tradition of doing one’s own thing and going away camping takes precedence. Drifting along in the ways of the world around us, instead of making decisions which enhance life in a community of faith, seems the preferred ways – even of leaders – of church here in Melbourne.

I wish I had a community I still belonged to. I certainly wished I was in church for Good Friday and Easter, remembering and celebrating with a community of faith that is my family, and it just upsets me that the one I left behind has leadership that seems content to be swept along by prevailing community practices, not treasuring the family and just doing their own thing.

It was a beautiful weekend, with great rest and beautiful weather. But it was probably one of the worst Easters I’ve had for a long time.

Maybe the pics of the beautiful cars can do something to soothe that pain a little bit.

Vintage cares MerimbulaVintage Cars Merimbula 2013Vintage Cars Merimbula 2013