Media Quirks

I was flipping through the new look tabloid version of The Age newspaper at the tea room. As usual, I like the letters to the editor section so I went straight to those pages.

A lady from South Australia wrote a featured letter, which had a go at Tony Abbott for not being as brave as Julia Gillard. Apparently Julia was brave for showing up in the ABC programs of Q&A and Fran Kelly.

I suppose The Age would consider such a letter worth a feature letter status. And I suppose a letter which thought Abbott a coward for not showing up on Q&A and Fran Kelly’s radio show, could be taken seriously only in The Age.

On the other end of the spectrum, I think Julia Gillard can be termed a coward for not showing up in Andrew Bolt‘s tv show on Channel 10. After all, a show which regularly featured Peter Costello could hardly be a domain the poor imitation would want to front up.

Media bias is a given. That ABC would give the Left and Labor a constant stream of free kicks is a given.

I cringed but I accepted the lady’s right to vent her feelings. I cringed but I cannot accept how a supposedly serious and mainstream media like The Age can have that letter as a feature letter. Media bias may be a given but such poor judgment is cringe worthy and unacceptable. In my mind anyway.