Will Ms Gillard please go?

Simon Crean is a bit of an elder stateman in the Australian Labor Party. He was acting like one earlier today.

Julia Gillard has succumbed to days – weeks – of pressure and has called for a vote to elect a leader of the ALP, and the PM of course. In a way this is a bit of a pre-emptive strike against Rudd. He would not have been ready but he is now forced to show his hands.

The vote will be on this arvo at 4.30pm. I know many in Australia will be hoping this PM goes and never comes back. We’ve had enough of the dishonesty, lack of integrity, and deliberately misleading Australians on a regular basis. I have found out for a while now, that I am not the only one to switch channels everytime she comes on, either television or radio. LIke many, I’d rather listen to the weather presenter than hear her speak for even 10 seconds.

I hope another succeeds this arvo.