Consumer Me

Tress and I were at the “East Bridge” again this morning. We were actually headed for Edge again when we decided to go to Bridge instead. We were a little late as a result but I was thinking that as long as we were going to be at a consumer stage of our church life, we might as well go where we can get more out of the experience.

Going to Edge must mean we can participate a bit more than just being there on a Sunday morning but with a near non-existent small group space, that is going to be a hard slog and we’re just not up to it at this stage.

Bridge at Doncaster however, had all the elements that consumer approach to church life can offfer. As long as we see church as a brand of consumer products, it ticked every box and had all the right elements in a menu. In fact it ticked the right boxes much more convincingly and passionately than most other churches we’ve been to, including ICC or now known as LifeGate.