Tid Bits

Adieu Baillieu.

Ted Baillieu, the state premier for the past 2+ years, resigned last night. Tress and I were home watching tv as we’ve done on most evenings lately, when the news flashed across the screen. It was reminiscent of when Kevin Rudd was removed. In that case however, he didnt resign as Ted did. It also wasnt precipitated by what appears to be the cause here, which was a combination of the resignation of a LIberal MP in a very tight majority and some inappropriate dealings in the course of removing a controversial police chief commissioner. Rudd on the other hand, was stabbed in the back by an ambitious Gillard who were pushed along by members of factions in the Labor Party who are not elected members of parliament.


Other than that piece of news last night and this morning, Victoria is also generating news for it bad economy and horrendous weather.

We’ve had 30+ temperature for so many days now and on some nights it gets up to high 20’s as well. Last night for example, we slept with t he cooler on and I think Tress got up around 3am to turn it off. I feel as though I have been in a dreamy state lately because the nights have been hot and restless. It has really meant I have been feeling other than my usual self – restless I guess.


So United goes out once more. Champions League is the one unsatisfactory arena for Sir Alex. 2 titles in his long reign are far too inadequate and close as it was yesterday, it often feels like a bridge too far. Certainly the twerp of a referee who unintelligbly flashed a red card at Nani, didnt help one bit. A commentator rmarked that that ref was probably the only one in a stadium of close to 80,000 who thought it was a red card and I couldnt agree more. Maybe this means we have a better shot at getting a double – something we havent done for a while now.