North of the border

Tress and I had dinner with a couple friend last night. It was good catching up, especially given what these friends have recently experienced in terms of local church. It was similar to ours and caused also by similar factors. The local church here in Melbourne is a funny one. Maybe we make it that way too.

I’m in the office for maybe ¾ of the day today, after which I leave for Sydney for a law conference the next couple of days. I am a reluctant traveller these days, unless of course, I travel with or to see my family. Travelling away from family for any reason other than to see family, is something I’m not inclined to do these days.

The conference however, will be a very good one. I hope it would be anyway. The speakers will be recognised experts in their fields, including a number of judges. One of them – Ron Sackville – was a professor in my uni and a co-author of a major text I used back in law school so I’m looking forward to getting in touch again with pure law stuff. It would be a full on two-days but it would be good. Away from home and family notwithstanding.