There and back again (well sort of… )

As usual, I was dead tired last Friday night when I left work and headed home. Friday nights have seen me washed out in recent years.

Tress was up really early on Sat morning – 4.30 – and soon after we all got up and just a bit after 5.30, we left and headed towards the middle ring road, northbound.

We arrived in Canberra a bit after noon, and went straight to Burton and Garran Hall. Kiddo checked out her room and we unloaded her stuff which we brought up from Melbourne. After dropping LBJ at the house in Campbell, we went grocery shopping and then to Florey, where kiddo had left her stuff in Dec when she left Canberra. There were a few chunky items and we loaded them onto the car. Tress was particularly heroic in retrieving stuff from a cellar in the house in Florey.

Back at B&G, we unloaded the Florey consignment by tracking up and down the four flights of stairs to kiddo’s second floor room. Thankfully, some of the stuff went to the kitchen and pantry so we didn’t have to lug it up the stairs.

All unloaded, we began unpacking her stuff. It was a bigger job than we expected and by the time it was all done, it was almost 7.30pm. We were tired, especially when we discovered some missing pieces (pillows and quilts) which were still at Florey and so we had to head back there.

For dinner, we went to a little restaurant called Leong’s kitchen, just a couple of hundred meters from the house in Campbell. We were so bushed we didn’t care where we ate, although the food was not too bad. We went back, watched a little bit of tv, then crashed in bed.

The next day we had a late brunch in town, before dropping kiddo off at B&G and taking off back to Melbourne. Somehow, despite it being something we’ve been through before, it was still difficult to say goodbye. Even as we pull out of the uni grounds and drove along Northbourne, Tress and I felt sad and we missed her already.

We got home just on 7pm, and after unpacking a little bit we went to bed early – all in preparation for a busy week at work.

Summer’s come and (nearly) gone. Kiddo’s summer holidays are over, and she’s started a new academic year. Summer will be over in 9 days.

Tress and I haven’t yet settled into a church. The church we’ve been attending recently (Edge) isn’t a bad one, but it isn’t one you leave your old church for. The expository preaching I’ve been searching hasn’t yet shown up in that church and the apparent lack of small groups doesn’t help. The website suggests only the youth and women’s groups are active, and the few people we spoke to so far don’t go to small groups. It isn’t a big church but neither is it small. It has easily 150 people and without cells, relationships will be harder to build. Maybe we need to be the active initiators of this relationship building exercise. So if we continue on at Edge, it would be nothing but church attendance – at least for now.