Free to act now I guess

I wrote this in July 2012, about a month after an incident which precipitated my departure from LifeGate church.

I wonder if it would go anywhere near this again…


(dear TF)

 I write this reluctantly, and out of necessity. These recent weeks have been some of the most challenging in my church life. I sincerely hope you have not had the same experience.

 I hope this note will pave the way for us to have a normal brotherly relationship again, as much as possible. I sense, and therefore assume, that you too have had to struggle through this issue, if not more than me then at least as much as I have. I have not been able to look at you as a brother in the Lord the way I used to and I need to stop this.  I need to know very clearly that I am no longer grieving the Spirit. I am guessing we both have to. If I have assumed wrongly and this is a unilateral matter on my part, then I apologise.

 Whatever the outcome of the church leadership changes in the months ahead and whatever the church ends up practicing, adopting or becoming is a matter for you and the leadership to come. I only hope you do not shy away from forming a team that is not simply “not disagreeable” but that will assist you to shape this church to be the shining light it needs to be and can be.  I will remain an ordinary member after the next AGM, if not sooner. You will be free of my presence and input but I hope you will never be free of ideas and opinions that continue to challenge you.


I guess maybe he really didnt want to be challenged to much, and he’d much rather avoid such challenges. Maybe then the calling is somewhere else, not a local church with clear thinking adults who invariably will require constant and deep and meaningful engagement.