Train Wreck – Real and Metaphorical

It has been a bit of a busy week, not helped by what can only be seen as third-world standard of Metro trains’ crisis management practices. Trains were crawling the last couple of days and on Tuesday, it took us nearly three times as long to get home. I usually didn’t mind standing on the way home as the 20-25 minute ride was perfectly fine standing. On Tuesday though, if not for Barry Wain’s very interesting book on Dr Mahathir which kept my attention drawn away from the journey, standing in a crowded train on a 37deg day for about 1½ hours would have been far worse.

Apparently the problem was with some faulty signals, caused by bats. The problem had started on Tuesday morning at 6am, when my usual 30minute ride took nearly 45 minutes. Peak hour escalated the problems as expected and up until yesterday afternoon the problem was still not fixed. Thankfully though, the ride has returned to normal.

Last night a mate came over for coffee with his wife. He wanted a listening ear to a precipitating problem – one which had caused issues for one far less patient such as yours truly, to fold pretty quickly. His was a far more noble cause. Tress and I talked with them for a couple of hours and while I’m not sure it helped him better process the decision-making, I hope just having someone to talk things through helped.

I still think the problem he wanted to talk through, was down to a major root cause and that’s non-communication and non-engagement.

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