Where’s the Green Green Grass of Home?

Melbourne looks so dry now. I came back from work early yesterday arvo, and a bit later took the little fellow out for a walk. It was very warm and I thought he looked less excited and enthusiastic than his normal self. Perhaps he too was readjusting to coming home after staying with another family for the 2 weeks we were away.

There are 4 sports fields near our home. The one directly across the road is the one we normally bring him to and use mostly because it is a fenced in oval and he could run freely without us having to keep too close a watch on him. He’s alright for the most part to be left alone but occasionally he like to come up to kids and play with them and we have known parents who don’t like that.

Further ahead, there is another field but it is fenced in and gated and is sort of a private area. The Nunawading Soccer Club (I think) uses it. To its right is another oval, which is an open area and further to the right is the last field and social soccer and cricket happen there.

Each of those four fields looked dry and very brown. I guess that week of very hot conditions has taken its toll. After traversing two of the four fields yesterday, LBJ and I walked a few more blocks around the neighbourhood and most lawns looked really brown and dried out. In fact compared to these homes, our lawn – which I had thought looked terrible for being so dry and lifeless – looked healthy and not quite dried out.

Not too long ago I remarked to Tress it was wonderful to see the luscious greens of the ovals and playing fields across out home. They’ve all turned for the worse, or so it seems. I hope the wetter conditions return soon.