A (Not) Unexpected Christmas

Tress and I went to a Christmas eve carol service in a church close to home. It was very liturgical but that did not rob the occasion of its meaning and purpose. I wasn’t excited about going but thankfully Tress showed enough interest and determination and I came back glad that we went. We got home just after midnight.

The next morning Tress and I got up and started to get the house tidied up further for lunch. She then took kiddo to LifeGate church. Kiddo had wanted to catch up with old friends. Tress then came home and we went out to a grocery store to pick up a couple of items. We were pleasantly surprised when told, a couple of weeks before, that this store would open on Christmas Day. I guess it isn’t ideal that some people could not spend the day with their families or loved ones at home for Christmas, but when we got  there the boss himself was at the checkout counter so I guess (I hope) that softened the impact somewhat.

We got lunch ready and starting with Gerry and Jesslyn, the other guests started arriving close to 12.30pm. We ate, talked and whiled the arvo away. It was a great way to spend Christmas – being with de facto family.

Yesterday we had the choice of either of two traditional Boxing Day activities for Melbourne – either the Boxing Day Test match at the MCG, or shopping. With two ladies in the house, it was a no brainer. We were up late however, and we had a lazy breakfast at home so it wasn’t until nearly noon that we went shopping. We stopped at the FHC first however, to pick up tickets for “The Hobbit” later that night. Midway through shopping, Tress took a call from an uncle and so after shopping we went over to their home for a late lunch.

We left Uncle Seng’s close to 5, got home, I took LBJ out for a quick walk then headed to the FHC. The Hobbit was very good, although Les Miserables was much better, we thought.

It was back at work this morning and with the train schedule pegged to a weekend mode, getting in was a bit of a hassle but it was very quiet – there is now just about half dozen people in the office so I thought I could safely put this one up…