Weekend before Christmas

Gerry and Jesslyn made some lovely plans last Friday night. We went out to a lovely joint called “Kunyit” in Balwyn North. “Kunyit” is turmeric in Malay and it’s one of my favourite spices although the distinct yellow colour it produces means I use it only at certain times. Chicken or fish marinade is a favourite. Kunyit restaurant in Balwyn is a great find. The food was very good and the service was courteous, warm, non-intrusive and pitch perfect.

After dinner we went to Ivanhoe to view the brightly lit homes on the Boulevard – something we have wanted to do for years. It’s amazing how these homes went to great expense and effort to decorate their homes with the Christmas theme and there was even a few spots where carols were sung and musical instruments provided beautiful renditions of Christmas pieces.

On Saturday we spent the day cleaning up the house to get ready for Christmas Day lunch and later that night, went and watched Les Miserables. The splendour of the musical was beautifully transferred to the silver screen and Tress, Kiddo and I all enjoyed every minute of it. It was a wonderful movie.

Yesterday morning we again went to St Hilary’s at Balwyn North (St Silas) and then went to FHC to hide from the heat. Kiddo then went for a catch up with some old friends – they had dinner and then caught a movie and Tress and I dropped her off and then picked her up. On the way home, Kiddo mentioned some old friends wanted to venture out to Chadstone for a midnight shopping adventure but the spectre of driving into a cavernous Chadstone to meet people without any pre-arranged plans, and at that hour (lateness aside, it was also peak rush) was too much for me and I had to say no, albeit very reluctantly.

It’s half day at work today – Christmas Eve, and I will be out of here shortly…