Twas a Busy Week Before Christmas

A week out before Christmas and as expected, work is super busy. Yet, both Tress and I have been able to get off work before 5.30pm, which is great. I kind of miss taking the little fellow out for his walk, with Kiddo home now and taking him out before we got home.

I guess it’s a bit of mixed feelings. On the one hand I like the idea of one task taken off our minds when we got home but on the other hand, we kind of enjoy the whole routine. We’d get home and he’d be very excited at when we’d say “Walk” to him.

He’d perk up and get really excited when we do, and get ready for getting kitted up with his harness and lead. He knows how to fetch his own lead when we ask him to and his bubbling excitement at getting out of the house is an energy boosting routine for me. I also enjoy the open air and sunshine at the end of the day, having spent the day deskbound for the most part.

In any case, it has been unusually cool these past couple of days, and the sun has been a bit shy so not having to take that little fellow out hasn’t been a complete disappointment. He seems to be contented with just being around us anyway.

For this week at least, I’m happy for that to remain the case.