Kiddo’s First Weekend Home

A couple of months ago Tress purchased one of those ubiquitous online deals which have now assumed spam proportions. It was for a big breakfast for 2 in a café out in Ringwood somewhere. It sounded like a great deal and it was, provided one keeps expectations in check since establishments seeking to market these products/offerings through online deals are very likely in need of more customers – not signs of a busy place.

So we waited for Kiddo to be back in Melbourne before going to this place, which we did on Saturday. It was bucketing down, which could have explained the quietness of the joint when we got there – there were only 2 other tables occupied and it was a large place.

They didn’t at all mind us sharing the two purchased meals among three people and the only additional order was a third coffee. It was a very big feed and after that we did some grocery shopping and I got a hairy before going home for a bit. Kiddo and I then went out for her driving practice. She needed to have some steer time clocked up so we jumped into the car and she drove. We drove round to Faulkner just a couple of streets north of our home, went towards Blackburn Road and down all the way to Ferntree Gully Road, towards Scoresby. We turned at Stud Road back north, turned into Boronia Road, then back on Canterbury Road to head home. Near home we went for a few parking practice runs.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the garden, mowing the lawn and just sweeping up. That night we had dinner with Gerry and family in a Chinese restaurant in Box Hill with the presumptuous name of Fancy Oriental. The food was good and the company even better. We got home, played cards and went to bed.

I got up just after 2am to catch the home game against Sunderland. Having checked that City had earlier beaten the Zebras it was good to see us win relatively comfortably to maintain the 6 point cushion going into the match. The last 20+mins however, saw O’Neil’s team mounting a very credible fight back so the win was good. I went back to bed at around 4am.

Tress was up just after 7.30am and a little later I woke, made coffee and brekky, got kiddo up and we all went to another church in North Balwyn. The search continues and on the way home kiddo mentioned something about attending Christmas Day service with her old friends. That was another pain point about the whole stupid saga I guess. It is moments like that which made me a little mad about why things had to turn this way.

Anyway, we went to lunch at Madam Kwong’s at Box Hill after church and then went to collect the food stuffs for the Wesley Mission Food for Families program. The response was surprisingly good and I filled the booth with loads of food, which I now need to arrange to have dropped off.

Last night we stayed in, skipped dinner (Madam Kwong’s food was still satisfying us late on) and played cards while listening to carols on kiddo’s Mac Book through the Apple TV. It was a great way to end the weekend.