Hot and Bonded

The weathermen said it was going to be a scorcher last Saturday. So Tress and I got up early and headed to the park across the street, to walk the little fellow. I did a shortish run and when we were heading home, it had become warm and the poor little fellow was actually struggling a little bit. He probably ran more than normal, and for longer.

After breakfast and dry cleaning drop-off/pick-up, we headed into the city. Tress was going to look for a Christmas gift for a colleague and we decided to shop at the Queen Vic market. It got really warm and when we got home I thought it would be good for us to head back into a shopping centre and do something like catch a movie, to escape the heat.

We opted for the latest Bond saga – Skyfall. When the movie was over, it was just before 6pm and the cool change had – thankfully – well and truly arrived. We came home, did a quick barbie of some fish and egg plants, and spent the rest of the evening just surfing the net, watching tv, etc… and went to bed early.