Year End Work Lunch

The department had a Christmas lunch last Friday. We went to the Longrain restaurant just a stone’s throw from the office. Even though the place was known more for its cocktails, the food was fabulous. It was an Asian/Thai place and diners were encouraged to order dishes for sharing. With drinks, the bill came up to about $550 for seven persons which wasn’t too bad given the amount of drinks and the quality of food on offer.

We left the restaurant just around 3pm but decided to move around the corner and down Spring Street to find a place to just sit and chat some more over more drinks. The idea was to while the afternoon away without returning to the office for work I guess. We settled on a pub and sat outside and watched the Spring Street traffic while we had a few beers and just chatted. The weather was great so it was a wonderful afternoon all in.

We came back to the office just before 5, and I packed my stuff up and left for home. The drinks made me very relaxed and light headed, but it was the dinner ahead later that night, which made me uncomfortable – just a tad.