Exit Comms

Tying up loose ends after leaving a church is both painful and tedious. It isn’t painful because it is tedious. The pain is all emotional. The tediousness is on account of working out the level of details I should go into.

It almost doesn’t matter if the person you think you owe an explanation to, doesn’t provide any sign that it mattered – both whether you stayed or left, as well as whether you explained your leaving or not. I guess to many, life just goes on and there is no need for all of these communications. Such characters aside, the exercise takes up time and depletes the emotional bank account somewhat. It is necessary however, to undertake these communications.

So I started to send emails. All bcc, just so (1) no trails of emails with group replies abound; and (2) it doesn’t look like I was making an exit spray. I only sent to those who made direct enquiries. There’re not many – all in probably not more than a dozen recipients. I met a few people, made some phone calls. I think that should be it now.

In any case, this is a busy time of the year, with lots of activities swimming around most of us. It is likely to be missed completely so I guess this has been a good time to do this. Pain notwithstanding.

Last night I was supposed to speak to someone on the telephone. She rang the day before, after receiving my email, and asked if I could ring her back. Tress and I were both very tired last night and went to bed early – just after 9pm – so I didn’t get around to speaking to this lady. I need to ring her tonight.