Ricky Ponting Retires

It was my first full summer in Melbourne, in 2005. Ponting was captain then and he was about to hit another milestone. I can’t remember if it was a tonne or a double tonne now, but I remember a mate had texted me to go over to his place for a barbie. I said to him I was at the MCG and was about to see Ponting make that tonne (I think). Ponting went on to chalk up that century and I was really happy to have seen him do it, live, at The G.

Ponting has just announced his retirement from Test cricket. The current South African series hasn’t been good to him and he has top scored 16 runs in 3 innings. That is a far cry for a veteran batsman who has accumulated more runs than the Don himself. It’s always sad to see a giant walking into the sunset. We’ve seen a few of them in recent years. Waugh, Langer, Hayden, Gilchrist, McGrath and of course, Shane Warne himself.

Thanks for the wonderful memories, Ricky.