Caffeine Deficiency

I haven’t recovered too well from the eventful weekend that was the drive to and from Canberra over last weekend. It’s mid-week now and I’m still feeling the effects. I’m tired, smarting from a back strain, skipping gym as a result and bearing the weight of the prospect of a busy weekend ahead.

Towards the end of last week I got someone to get rid of a tree stump just outside our home. The job left remnants of woodchip and mulch strewn across the front and side of the house. Also, almost as if the stump carried remnants of life and being ground down spawned dozens of little plants sprouting up all across the front and side lawns to compensate for the loss of the mother ship. The stump was a strain of elm and these little buggers bear every resemblance of being of the elm variety. It’s scary and annoying.

All of that meant the spectre of a busy clean-up of a weekend stares me in the face and the mere thought of that tires me out.

So for three days running now, just after 4pm, I feel zonked out and ready to go home. Admittedly, not going to the gym meant I start work early and so that probably accounts for why I feel like home time earlier. It’s still a far cry from my previous work style – when I would soldier on till late-ish, perhaps closer to 7pm or even later. Hmmm… yawn….