Hume Again

Tress and I were both very tired last Friday night. After an early dinner, we went home and went to bed early. Just before 4 the next morning, Tress got up and I, shortly after. We left home just before 5, and began the drive. It would hopefully be the last road trip up to Canberra for this year.

We started loading Kiddo’s stuff onto the car as soon as we arrived at Burton and Garran Hall, just before 11.30. It took less than an hour, then we headed to Dixon for a much needed lunch – I’ve had a cup of coffee since 5am and not much else.

After lunch we headed to our regular abode – in Campbell – then headed to the National Museum, which is another fascinating place displaying all the splendour of our tax dollars. While there we met an employee of the museum, who was a refugee from Laos. The arts, history and welfare of a fellow human being – all good spends of our tax dollars.

The next day after lunch with Ruth and Jon we dropped kiddo off at a house she would stay in (sort of, with a week off to Hurstville sandwiched in between) for the next 2½ weeks. We left Canberra close to 3pm, and got home just after 9.30 last night.

It was a bit of a crawl this morning – the slight back strain from Saturday meant I skipped gym this morning and still feeling the effects of a compacted weekend flanked by long driving stretches. There’s a dinner in some Korean place tonight, not sure if I really look forward to it. I love the company and the food sounds good but I also want a quiet night of being at home…