Speedy Gonzales Weber Q

The weber is perfect for a summer quickie meal which is delicious.
The weber is perfect for a summer quickie meal which is delicious.

Tress and I got home after work last night and after taking the little golliwog for his walk, we did a simple barbie dinner.

I had bought a couple of porterhouse cuts of steaks on Sat and I had the butcher slice the steaks across into 2 thinner pieces. We cooked a couple of the halved portions last night and with just a bit of pumpkin (also barbequed) it was very quick and really nice.

I had the Weber turned on, left it on to get to about 220deg and while waiting, had the meat seasoned with just sea salt, black pepper and rubbed with a bit of cooking oil. I did the same with the pumpkin (which Tress had cut into slices of about 1cm thick) but used white instead of black pepper.

The meat should not take more than a couple of minutes on each side to cook (for every cm of meat). Overcooked steak tastes bad, and is a waste especially for a good cut of meat. So the dinner was cooked in about 4 minutes. I let the pumpkin stay on the grill a bit longer as some of the pieces had thicker portions. When that was done, and I had taken the tongs et al into the house and taken the balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard out to leave them on the table, it was still only about 10 minutes to lay it all on the table, ready to go.

It was a gorgeous meal inside 10minutes. Eat your heart out, Jamie Oliver… LOL



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