Not Good To Be Alone (in all sense)

I have to also mention that as I was cherishing the perfect physical moments of yesterday arvo, I was thinking and reminding myself life has to mean more than seeking out these pleasures, simple and unadulterated as they may be. Isaiah’s wider path and narrow gateway metaphors came to mind and I wondered about choices we make now and their effects or consequences later.

I could have spent the afternoon yesterday with someone – encouraging, building or simply be in fellowship. These solitary pursuits of bliss and carefree moments ought to be exceptions, not the norm. They should serve as respites, repair, relief and recuperation. As an end, these pleasures cease to be. They can frustrate and create a void which leads to endless circles of tail chasing pursuits. It is wrong to crave and cherish solitude as an end.

I guess it is the circumstances I find myself in, which made me seek out these moments. I hope they do not last too long, for as much as I thoroughly enjoyed the apparent peace and tranquillity of yesterday, it ought not be an end I pursue going forward.