Berlinesque arvo

imageI went to the Edge Church for the second time yesterday. Theresa and I were at the first and earlier service last Sunday. It was a smaller crowd, and mostly elderly people. Yesterday, Tress was rostered at LifeGate so she went back there. I went to Edge on my own, and I went for the second, later service. It was a larger crowd, probably up to about 120 people.

The mix was more even – a good number of elderly people but also a number of middle aged and young people. It was in fact a healthy mix, not just across the ages but also ethnically. They have been searching for a senior pastor, and their current associate pastor was on leave. A guest speaker (Jeff Pugh) from MST spoke and he preached on Ephesians 4. It was a very good piece of preaching. Certainly, any leader thinking about plans for next year or thoughts along those lines could do much worse than listening to Jeff’s take on Ephesians 4.

I went straight home after the service, made another coffee and pottered around the house with stuff before Tress came home from LifeGate and shortly after that we went to Madam Kwong’s for lunch. It was late then – nearly 2pm, so the crowd had thinned out and we managed to chat with Jean a little bit. She threw in some freebies for us, so we supplemented that with a little takeaway for dinner later.

We got home after that, and I took the little black jedi for a walk. It was cool and very sunny so it was a brilliant arvo for a long walk but I didn’t take him out for very long as I wanted to come home to do some gardening. I took him through his usual route, came home and trimmed the hedges for a bit, before settling down on the deck with a cold beer.

It was around 17-18 deg, still very sunny, just after 5pm, and the little fellow was sprawled on the floor of the deck, having a bit of snooze in the sun. Tress has been inside, stressing over the holiday plans for the family. We’ll be doing a 2 week DIY trip to the land under the clouds and exciting as it is, it has also meant hours of researching and planning. But that didn’t take away the celestial sense of the moment. Irving Berlin’s “Cheek to cheek” came to mind, and I found a few clips of Fred Astaire’s rendition which I promptly played on the ipad mini, to dress the moment. It was gorgeous.

When I got back into the house, it was just after 5.30pm, and I started cleaning up and thought about the start of the work week. I became a little happy that I had turned down a dinner invitation for that night. It meant we could continue the very relaxing mood, and I naturally went to the grog cupboard to renew my acquaintance with Mr Walker. It was a mere 12 year blended fare but with some ice and spring water, it capped the day for me.