Tress and I were at India Delights last night. It’s a little Malaysian Indian place. It’s operated by someone who used to be a co-owner of Rich Maha, another Indian joint in Vermont. India Delights is on Mahoney Street, only a couple of minutes from our home. It’s roti is crisp and fresh and offers a relatively light alternative so we’re there every so often.

Last night Jason and Mel were with us. They wanted to meet, after I said to them I had decided to leave LifeGate. Jason was his usual self – cajoling and making a hard sell. I had already made up my mind, so it was a very difficult sell. I think he already knew this was coming and I have been contemplating leaving for a while now.

It is a tricky balancing act. We’ve built so many wonderful relationships. We have friends and we know young people who were kids when we first came to this church, over 8 years ago. I know my decision will mean we leave behind these relationships and our friends will for a while at least, feel a vacuum, as would we. I know however, that these sentiments will ebb in time. What I am less certain about however, is the feeling that I cant participate in the activities and service of this church. I don’t know if this feeling will be reversed anytime soon, or if at all. So the balance is for now at least, easily tilted in favour of me leaving.