The Real Royal Inquiry

So Gillard announced a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the catholic church’s response to allegations of sexual abuse of children by the clergy. This terrible stench about the whole affair actually looks like the Spanish Inquisition has come a full circle. The persecutor is now the persecuted. You couldn’t have a religious institution more vilified. Catholics would be tearing their hearts out and would be terribly ashamed of the disparaging – indeed, incendiary – statements bandied about.

Grave as the accusation is and tragic as the experiences of victims may have been, I wonder if the whole thing has been fair on the general church population. It almost sound like sections of the public are too keen and couldn’t wait to have their turn in twisting the knife ever further in. It smacks of pent up rebellious anger against the church, and I suspect not all of it driven by righteous anger Many would simply have rebellion as their cause.

Australians should themselves ask if the King of kings conducted an inquiry of His own, where would most Australians stand…