Wine No-No For Communion? Really?

The Anglicans and Lutherans insist on it. The Presbyterian in fact, appears to require it (

Yet, in largely secular Australia, in a part of Melbourne not usually held up as the model of sobriety, wine was said to be somewhat blemished and rubbished for purposes of communion. Unfortunately, that happened in the church I go to. Someone lead the communion recently and provided what surely must at best be a poorly formed personal opinion, and said wine is fermented, and therefore not pure, and that was why it wasn’t used for communion.

I hope we don’t have that much confidence in churches of Christ Victoria/Tasmania, that we can disregard (let alone rubbish) the practice in the Church of England and company. Even then I don’t think CoC necessarily subscribes to a no-wine policy. So like I said, that is probably a personal opinion. The problem was the personal opinion was given a public airing, and as far as I am aware no one has corrected that obviously wrong opinion. As usual, I have no confidence whatsoever, that there would be steps taken to even have that individual spoken to. He will in all likelihood, be given the soap box again at some point. I cant be sure the leaders care enough to ensure no loosely formed personal opinions get aired publicly as truths or quasi truths of some sort.