Pew Warming Life

Much to my chagrin, the cell I attend has chosen to do Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life”. I had stepped down as a leader of this cell and so did not want to say too much about my displeasure with this decision. I guess this is the outcome of an unstructured cell ministry.

When each group is given complete freedom to choose whatever material it fancies with little or no guidance of any sort, the very likely outcome is a choice which reflects the extent of industry and effort the least inclined is happy to put in.

I can understand this if the church is either lead by the laity or does not have a cell ministry it purports to view as a core ministry. When it does have a trained minister and a cell ministry and that ministry is proclaimed by the trained minister as one of the pillars of its strategy, I seriously cannot understand why there is a complete lack of guidance on what material to use.

Ah well, I think it is established that despite what the pastor proclaims, cell ministry really doesn’t feature very much for members. He will continue to have this credibility problem of saying one thing but acting differently.

It should be of little concern to me in any event. I will be unable to lead any discussion so it does not matter what I think. The inability to lead is tied up with the general inability to do anything which has any element of leadership. For as long as I cannot confidently fall within the leadership framework of the church, I should not undertake any act of leadership. And… I cannot fall within the leadership framework of this church for as long as I still cannot understand the statement made against me, that I am selective in acknowledging and affirming the leadership of the senior pastor. Hence, I must remain a spectator. I guess as long as I don’t feel I need to serve in any way, I can still come along and warm the pews every Sunday and go home thereafter.