Errands delayed

Day off post Canberra yesterday:

  • Dry cleaning picked-up and dropped-off
  • Coffee with Tress
  • Got  a hairy
  • Bathed the little jedi
  • Vacuumed the house
  • Washed the car

I couldn’t work on the rest of the hedges however, as the weather turned nasty and the winds and rains came belting down.

The clean wardrobe, clean dog, clean house and clean car all add up to a very sleepy yours truly this morning however, which meant I slept in and missed gym… 😦

It was very refreshing to have seen Kiddo again. It was especially satisfying to see her still active in church and its activities. This church she attends – the Crossroads – was so much like the Uni Church I had attended at the University of NSW. When they started to sing some songs, I turned to Tress to say how refreshing to sing songs that concentrated on God and His work as the starting point, instead of the boyfriend type of songs which LifeGate Church of Christ is so fond of singing, which were so focused on the self that God is almost an incidental.

We were at the Floriade, share a number of meals together, and she came over and slept in our B&B in Campbell – a nice little property close to the shops and a park, which we could bring the little black jedi over for walks.

The long drives to Canberra have become easier to deal with, and the great times we shared with Kiddo, have made the drives so much easier.