Sexist, Liar and Screwtape

Like I was saying earlier in a previous entry, my evenings are very free now. My mind is unoccupied mostly and last night I had some music on – streamed through iTunes on my ipad onto Apple TV – and I read a book. Tress was reading her ipad too, in the same lounge room. I was reading a very old book by Alistair McGrath, titled “Doubt”. I thought he was an absolute star with a super svelte performance which creamed Richard Dawkins and having used his texts before, this tiny sliver of a book looked like easy read and it was.

Later on however, I had the Sky news on and the grotesque spectre involving Peter Slipper, Speaker of the Australian Parliament was on full display. How the Prime Minister could train her shots at Tony Abbott with wild allegations of maltreatment of women but at the same time refused to act against the Speaker who had displayed full frontal assault (so to speak) on women, is just hypocrisy and thick skinned blood mindedness of the nth degree.

It turned out Slipper resigned later that night and spared the country the ignominy of a truly misogynist representative of the legislature, and Julia Gillard demonstrated in full splendour once again, her pathetic sense of judgment.

I picked up my book again later that night, after flushing the effects of witnessing the vulgar Gillard-Slipper saga with a half decent bottle of red. “Doubt” had texts dealing with unbelief of the theological kind but my mind was on my disbelief of nearly equal proportions, at the continuing ungodly lies of our current Prime Minister Julia Gillard.