President Obama, what happened?

Advancing Against Al Qaeda
Advancing Against Al Qaeda (Photo credit: Third Way)

I think a big story is brewing. It concerns Obama’s attempt to cover up his mistakes which caused the death of the diplomat in Libya.

The attack on the US embassy in Libya is now believed to be an Al Qaeda attack. It was a planned attack. The embassy knew Al Qaeda was operating there at least weeks before the attack, and a week before the attack, specifically requested urgent help. The British had withdrawn its ambassador weeks before that, also knowing of an imminent Al Qaeda attack. The US had similar intelligence as the British and could have done something to protect its diplomats and staff, and had weeks to do it.

The attack, which killed the top US diplomat in Libya, wasn’t a retaliation of that stupid movie degrading Mohammed. Obama probably knew that.

Yet, repeatedly, he attributed blame on that movie. Not his own lack of response to the plea for help from his “friend”, who was killed as a result. Some are calling the Libya Al Qaeda incident Obama’s Jimmy Carter moment…