Community Life and Service

We were at a church friend’s new home last night. He and his family moved into their new – their own – home about a month ago. They had moved from Singapore early last year.

While he continues to look for suitable employment, he now works casually in a major supermarket. He often appears cheerful and happy but equally often he lets slip a word or two, which clearly shows he hopes he finds something better, professionally and financially. I know to some extent, what he is going through. I hope he finds something very soon.

There were three other families there last night. It was a very good time of sharing – meal and fellowship. It is this huge factor which is making me think hard about leaving LifeGate church altogether.

I have been made incapable of working with the current pastor in any manner, so I am writing off all avenues of service at my local church. If I can remain a church member without needing to serve in a defined capacity I guess I can just chug along. There are in any case, so many avenues of serving God, although serving in the local church I belong is something I have always believed in, as a first and principal point. If that is no longer possible or practicable it is time to move on.