Pleasure turned dis.*

It’s a warmish and windy day. The sort I don’t really like, unless I’m on a beach somewhere. When it’s a workday and all I want to do is get to my lunch place the combination of warm and wind is unpleasant for me.

Anyway, I met Tress for lunch on Swanston, which is about a couple of blocks or so away. The walk back has a bit of upslope and with the wind in my face and a tummy full of lunch the otherwise pleasant lunchtime walkabout was a bit of a chore.

Life is often like that I guess. What is ordinarily pleasant and enjoyable can change very quickly and become unpleasant and to be avoided, when certain factors combine.

Maybe it’s just a personal preference thing. I don’t like warm gusty air in my face as I walk up a crowded street. That could be a preference thing on my part. Or, it is simply an unpleasant thing to experience for most, if not everyone.