Scruff and the cold

Last Friday we woke up to a 13deg morning and it was wonderful. The weekend too was gorgeous as the sunny and blue skies against a warm 23deg peak made for a near summer like day. So, when it “plummeted” back to just under 6deg this morning, the chill felt sharper. Last night too it was around 8deg so I guess it pretty much stayed that way in the last 12 hours or so. That’s all fine by me as I don’t mind the cold at all, especially when at 5.30 this morning, I could already see the day lighting up. It’s the short days I don’t like about winter, not the cold.

With Scruffy however, it’s a different story. He was lively enough when I took him out for his usual walk last night, after Tress and I got home. When we got back just before 7pm, he was still bouncing around and appeared very happy. Later that night however, he just curled up and stayed in a corner on the couch, closer to Tress who was having a blanket over her. It was the cold. He hates it. It makes him do that – curl up into a furry black ball and sleep.

Apparently this morning, when Tress left home, he was back on the couch, all curled and balled up. He was immobile in similar fashion at the edge of our bed when I left this morning. We often make him go out in the morning, after which we close a door that separates the hallway leading to the rooms, from the rest of the house. He doesn’t get to go back to the rooms so he heads to the couch, and ball up. Scruff and winter. He doesn’t like it.