An Unexpected Present

Last night we went to a restaurant in Templestowe, a leafy north-eastern suburb of Melbourne. It looked, felt and charged like a city restaurant and so while the food and experience was very nice, I was feeling the pain for Tress who footed the bill.

Kiddo has long started to enjoy good food, and was able to appreciate each of the 3 different dishes we had. We also had a very good conversation about contemporary issues like gay marriage, secularism, Christian values etc.

So the “Living Room” experience wasn’t pegged so much on my ageing but more on Kiddo’s coming of age. Seated next to me on that table last night was an articulate, intelligent, robust and passionate young woman who held strong views and argued them well. Tress took it all in stride, chimed in at various points and must have wondered how she spawned and held this family together – one that is perhaps very different to many.

Seeing those two ladies enjoying the food, conversation and each other’s company was a fabulous birthday present. I was really happy.