Fatty Knuckle

Schweinshaxe served with fried potatoes (Bratk...
Schweinshaxe served with fried potatoes (Bratkartoffeln) and Sauerkraut at a Bavarian restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kiddo’s home for a week and so last night we took her to Tang‘s on Middleborough Road. This is a little family restaurant with simple but not unsophisticated food. We had the pork knuckle dish – something we’ve always been told is one of their specialties but had never, until last night, dared try for fear of its fatty bits.

I enjoyed it unfortunately. I said to Tress and kiddo, if that meant I’m getting on as usually, it’s the older men who enjoyed fatty pork.

I feel like many things have changed with me. The biggest thing is my present total lack of interest in my church stuff. I just want to close out my board role ASAP and then not be involved in any way. I’m not liking how I feel, I think but I’m not sure I want to feel any other way either. I quite enjoy the feeling of being uninvolved, but am not sure what it would do to me.

Sort of like the fatty pork knuckle maybe.