Monday Morning Gangnam Blues

We were at someone’s home on Friday night when someone showed a YouTube clip of a dance. It was one of those Asian rap stuff I didn’t care for. So I didn’t ask to see the clip as the mobile phone was passed around.

Yesterday, as Tress and I sat waiting for Kiddo to call – she was in the city with some friends having returned on Sat for a week – when I thought I’d just watch that dance on tele to know what the fuss was.

We turned on the Apple TV and searched for Gangnam and lo and behold it was everywhere. I picked one with Ellen Degeneres. There was Simon Cowell and Britney Spears but the attention was on Psy.

It was on show again – that in today’s world of easy access to media. You can do and achieve very little to be widely known. Being known and liked is ever more a factor to be discarded.

The problem is that silly beat and tune for “Gangnam Style” is stuck in me head as I battle Monday morning blues in the train at 6am…