My Grandmother. Goodbye Ah Ma.

I went to work on Monday morning somewhat packed and ready for one of those difficult trip back to Malaysia. After a couple of meetings, I left the office around noon and went straight to Tullamarine.

I got into KL just after 8.30 and after a very long ambling I got through the immigration and cab queues. I only got to the house around 11pm.

There was Ah Ma, lying in state. She looked peaceful, in the same dress she was in, on the portrait at her feet.

My grandmother was 94. She had lived a life full of loving influence on her children and grandchildren. Small in stature, she was a giant in her shrilled voice and laughter, spreading infectious spirit and laughter every time there was a family gathering. Few with such small physical stature have been able to cast a long and strong shadow, a benevolent shade to protect and love her family always.

Yesterday was her funeral. For some reason I always remember some dates. 4 Sept was when we heard the shocking news of Steve Irwin’s untimely death. 2 Sept would be etched in my mind as when grandmother decided someone else is to now be that loving, laughing, teasing and giant of a woman of God.