Grind away

It 6 o clock on a Monday morning and I’m on the way into the city to start the week. A little alert went off in my phone a few minutes ago and when I checked it made me look up my diary with a little dismay.

I have a lot lined up for today, and the rest of the week doesn’t look any better. I had brought the laptop home in an attempt to do something about this crazy week. Sat saw me doing housekeeping work the entire day, as well as some prep and cooking for a little dinner at home for some church people. Yesterday, by the time we got home after church and lunch with some people it was close to 3. I just needed some rest and I couldn’t drag myself to do any work other than checking some emails.

Anyway, it is still possible – just – to stick to reasonably normal hours and minimum or zero work at weekends or after hours for now and as long as that remains true the grind looks okay. I’m happy to leave my hands on the stone. Before that happens though I still have a few minutes on this train for a quick shut eye… zzz